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fic: psychic powers chapter 3 (madelyne/sam)

Title: Psychic Powers
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam and Dean must save Madelyne and Nate from the yellow-eyed-demon.
Characters: Madelyne Pryor, Nathan Summers, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Yellow-eyed-demon,
Pairing: Madelyne Pryor/Sam Winchester
Warnings/Spoilers: AU for X-Men. Mutants aren't really well-known of, and since I can't remember how old Nathan was when Scott left him & Maddy, Scott left a few months after he was born to go back with the X-Men and Jean. And by now Maddy and Scott are divorced. Plus Maddy is not Jean's clone - she just happens to look like her. Takes place around Mid-Season 2 for Supernatural.
Notes: Sorry for not updating a lot... kinda lost the muse for it for awhile. Sorry for any grammer/spelling mistakes - I currently don't have Word, so if I miss anything, I'm sorry! Anyway, there are probably only 2 more chapters left.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything. I however own Delora Cullenblou.
[ Chapter 1 ] [ Chapter 2 ]

Madelyne Pryor smiled thankfully as Nate's eyes closed. It was just about a half an hour after she left their apartment and she was tired of walking, and apparently Nate was tired altogether. She turned the baby stroller around and headed back to their apartment. Thankfully they weren't too far away from it, so she would be there in a few minutes.

It was only a few steps from the apartment building did she have a feeling she was being watched. She turned around to see if anyone was indeed watching her, but she couldn't find anyone who did. Turning back around she pushed the stroller to the stairs of the apartment building and moved to infront of the stroller to pick up Nate. She quickily picked him and the stroller up and carried them up the stairs to the door. With one last glance to the street around her, Maddy entered the building.

"Hello Maddy!" greeted the old land lady, Dalora Cullenblou. However she forced everyone to just call her Lora. She considered everyone as friends, and she was the most friendly person Maddy had ever known in her life. The old woman cooed at Nate, smiling at the baby boy. "Awe, the poor boy is asleep. Come on in and have some tea, we have loads to catch up on."

"Lora! What a pleasure, did you have a nice trip to your daughter's new house?" Maddy asked politely, entering the old lady's apartment.

"Yes I did, loads of fun. Oh my, her house is huge! I'm hoping that means that she and her husband plan to have loads of grandchildren for me." Lora stated, pouring hot tea in a cup for Maddy.

"Well I hope you get your wish, Lora. Thank you," Maddy said politely as she took the tea cup from the old woman.

"So how have you two been since I last saw you?" Lora asked, pointedly.

"We're fine, Lora, really. We went out to the mall and then grabbed something to eat at the new fast food place down the street. And then we, or really I did, walked around the block a few times." Maddy stated, taking a sip of the tea.

"What about the job search?"

"Okay, well that's not going too well. No one needs an ex-pilot to work for them," Maddy said rolling her eyes at the thought. "But I'll more then likely get a job soon."

"True, you are a bright and beautiful woman." Lora stated smiling.

"Well I better go, Loria, how about we catch up tomorrow? Come on up in the morning, and I'll make breakfast." Maddy suggested, standing up.

"Excellent," Lora said, smiling. "I love your pancakes."

"Great, see you then."

"I can't believe you found her..." Sam Winchester stated to his brother after his brother told him he found the red-haired woman from earlier.

"Yeah, well, I'm good. Really good." Dean stated, smirking.

Sam rolled his eyes, and stood up grabbing his labtop. "We should probably get going."

"Sure, did you find anything about her?"

"How can I? We don't even know her name..."

"Oh right, and that's because you were too afraid to go over to her and flirt with her." Dean stated, causing Sam to glare at his older brother.

"Just because I'm not a flirt whore like you makes this my fault." Sam retorted. Dean nodded, smirking.

"Nice comeback. Maybe it isn't, but come on. You should have known something was weird with the woman as soon as she started looking at you with interest."

"Are you implying every girl that ever liked me is weird because they find me attractive?" Sam asked, angrily.

"No, I'm saying they usually have a supernatural addition to them."

"Whatever," Sam stated walking out the door.

I'll try and have the next chapter written & up soon!

Tags: +sam/madelyne pryor, .fanfic, spn:dean, spn:sam, spn:yellow-eyed-demon, xm:cable, xm:madelyne pryor
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